payout solution essential for business

Payouts to your clients, customers and employees have never been easier. We offer you a comprehensive tool to construct your own card program.

Advantages of working with us


Simple payout solution with instant card loading


Off-the-shelf product with short time to market


Prepaid card for payments everywhere major Card brands are accepted


Turnkey solution to increase brand awareness

Today international businesses serve customers and clients all over the world providing them with a variety of products and solutions.

Growth of business is directly proportional to growth of workforce. In an environment where businesses provide services globally, with employees/workforce all over the world, there is a growing demand for the ability to make payments to customers and employees in a swift and simple way. B2BCARD offers a prepaid card based solution to satisfy this demand in an easy and cost efficient manner.

Prepaid cards unlike credit cards can be used for payments only if there is available positive balance loaded in advance.

There is no need for a bank account. Make purchases in-store, over the phone or online with no fear of overdraft or bad debt. 

A prepaid card is a convenient payment method in both physical stores and online. Prepaid cards can be easily built in existing payout models providing a convenient tool for payroll and affiliate programs, fintech, blockchain players and many others. Prepaid cards are safer than cash and can be used worldwide where major Card brands are accepted.