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On this page we provide important information for Cardholders on the Card, its features, how to use it and keep it safe and other FAQ. Please read it carefully.

Security Tips

The following tips will help you make your card payments and cash withdrawals safe:

Sign your card once you receive it.

If you suspect your PIN code is not safe or became known to anybody then change it immediately.

Do not use simple PIN codes like 1234 or the year of your birth and do not write it on the card.

Keep your card safe and do not allow anyone to use it.

Only disclose the card number for the purpose of making a payment transaction. Make sure nobody is watching you entering a card number or other card data on a website. Use only trusted websites for entering your sensitive card data.

Shield the key-pad with your hand while entering your PIN code and be wary of people behind you in queues trying to see you entering a PIN code.

Do not use an ATM if you find any suspicious gadgets near it or any malfunctioning of a key-pad, screen or ATM itself.

If your card is lost/stolen contact B2BCARD immediately.

Regularly check your card balance to monitor any suspicious transactions.

Make sure a webpage address is always ‘https’, which confirms a secure connection when making a purchase.

It is a cardholder responsibility to contact B2BCARD in case you suspect any fraudulent actions made with your card, if your card is lost or stolen or when a transaction is made that was not initiated by the cardholder. Please use support@b2bcard.com to report any issue.

What is B2BCARD?

B2BCARD is a card product designed for businesses to make payouts to their customers, clients and employees and affiliates.

How to order a B2BCARD card?

An individual cannot apply for a card by himself/herself. B2BCARD product can be ordered only by a business for each individual.

What information should I provide to a business that is ordering a card for me?

As an individual you need to  provide your basic information — name, e-mail address and phone number. After a business has submitted an application for issuing a card you receive an e-mail notification in which you are asked to fill in the required data (passport/ID number, expiry date, postal and residential addresses) by yourself. Be sure your data is correct.

Why should I specify correct data?

Each card will be linked to your phone and e-mail. In case a virtual card is ordered it will be delivered in parts to your e-mail and phone (in SMS message), in case of a plastic card — it will be delivered to your postal address. All notifications will be sent to your e-mail and phone. You will be able to make SMS requests for card activation, blocking and card balance only from the phone number you specified during your registration. Once you decide to increase your card limit you are then required to provide us a valid copy of your passport/ID and in some cases — confirmation of your residential address. Be sure all the information you provide is correct in order to avoid any difficulties with your card.

Why has my card not been approved yet? How do I know that my card application is approved?

Once you provided your correct personal data and confirmed it we review it and send you an e-mail confirmation. Usually notifications come within three days after you have confirmed your data.

Why was my application declined?

When you provide your personal data we review your identity and the data you provided. We have a right to decline any application without disclosing the reason.

How to activate a card?

To activate your card you need to send an SMS from the phone number you provided in a card application to +35796072541 with text Activation XXXX (where XXXX is the last 4 (four) digits of your card number). Do not forget to leave a space in SMS between word Activation and the last 4 (four) digits of your card. After an activation request is sent you will receive an SMS with the PIN code. To change a PIN code, please make an activation request once again.

Important: prior to making any purchase, please make any kind of a successful transaction in ATM. This will automatically make your card and PIN code active. 

A plastic card has not been delivered to me.

Usually it takes two-three weeks for a card to be delivered to you from the date of the application.  This duration includes not only delivery but also application processing and card production time.

I am sure I should have already received a virtual card but I did not. I have received virtual card details in SMS, but have not received the other part in e-mail (and vice versa). What shall I do?

You need to check with the business that ordered the card for you that your e-mail address and phone number are correct. If both phone and e-mail are correct we will be able to re-send your card details.

I have a card, how can I load it?

Your card is issued by the order of the business that applied to us. You cannot load a card from another card or by a bank transfer from your personal bank account. Card loading is only possible from a business bank account.

I have received a notification that my card is loaded, but the balance has not changed.

Card loading is not an instant process. It may take up to half an hour from the moment the application for loading was submitted. Please be patient, your funds will surely be debited  to your card.

I have lost (changed) my phone. How can I switch my SMS-notifications to a new phone number?

When you want to change your phone number you need to notify the business that ordered the card for you. Once we have confirmation from the business we will change it.

How long can I use my card?

A plastic card is by default valid for 2 years from the date of issue, a virtual one — for 1 year.

How to block a card?

To block a card you need to send SMS Block XXXX to number +35796072541 where XXXX are the last 4 (four) digits of your card. Note, the last 4 (four) digits of your card were sent to you via SMS with a notification of the card activation.

I cannot pay/withdraw cash in ATM. Transaction is not processed.

Make sure you enter correct data  into a payment form and you have balance on the card available for making a purchase or withdraw cash from ATM. Remember that ATM withdrawals are subject to a fee. Note, that there is a limit for ATM withdrawals applied to your card. Full information about applicable fees and limits can be found in the Fees and Limits document.

Can I have more than one card?

You are allowed to have only one card.

Where can I get my PIN code? What if I loose my PIN code?

Initially you receive your PIN code after card activation in SMS. If you need to restore your PIN code then use an activation procedure described above.

How to check my card balance?

To check your card balance please send SMS Balance XXXX to number +35796072541 where XXXX are the last 4 (four) digits of your card.

If I pay/withdraw money in a currency that is different from my card currency how is the exchange made? The amount I was going to pay is different from the amount that was deducted from my card.

Note that in case a currency of your purchase is different from the currency of your card an exchange is made based on the average rate of the Card Association under which the card is issued on the day of a purchase/withdrawal. There is also a certain percentage  taken by B2BCARD for each exchange operation. Please check our Fees and Limits for more information.

Where can I make purchases?

You can make purchases at every point accepting your Card Association brand.

How to make purchases?

With your card you are able to make everyday purchases in stores and over the Internet. Use your PIN code to confirm transactions in stores and the CVC code on the back of the card jointly with 3D-secure service for purchases in the Internet.

What is 3D-Secure?

3D-Secure is a protocol providing transactions safety for payments in the Internet. All B2BCARD cards support this protocol.

What fees and limits and terms apply to my card?

Please refer to the documents section or contact us directly using the website or the support email.

How to keep my card safe/protect my card?

Never disclose any sensitive card information (PAN number, expiry date and/or CVC code) to third parties. Be sure you make purchases on websites you trust and use up-to-date antivirus software to protect devices where you input your card data.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen  block your card immediately according to the procedure described above and apply for your card re-issuing through the business which initially ordered the card for you.

My card expires soon. How to re-issue my card?

Before your card is expired you will receive an e-mail notification with a need to confirm your card re-issuing. After this an application must be approved by the business that initially ordered the card for you.

The card is credited for an amount, but I did not purchase anything. What should I do?

In case of any suspicious transaction please block your card immediately until you are sure your card is not compromised. First try to contact the merchant where the transaction was made and ask for a refund.

Does my card have an expiry date?

Yes, your plastic card expires two years after it is issued, a virtual one — one year after it is issued. The validity period is printed on the front of the plastic card. A card can be re-issued after expiration.

Which currencies are available?

Today B2BCARD is available in EUR only.

What type of document should I provide to increase my card limit and how?

To increase your card limit you need to provide your scanned passport/ID to the business which initially ordered the card for you. After verification your limit may be increased.

Why is my payment declined?

Please check your card balance if a payment is declined. There may not be enough funds on your card. Also be sure that you enter a correct PIN code in case of purchasing in-store and correct card data when shopping in the Internet.

I have another question, issue or complaint

Please refer to our documents section. You can also contact us for help directly using the website or support email.