for specific business needs

B2BCARD platform supports various payout models and provides API for quality operation.


A tool to help your clients to access the monetary value of their digital currencies.


Prepaid card as a convenient payroll solution for business allows easy distribution of money among employees with the convenience of instant card loading. 


A prepaid card is an ideal payment solution for financial and gaming service providers with a large client base. Payments to clients are made instantly ensuring clients’ satisfaction with easy access to their funds.

Affiliates and freelancers

Today, working with freelancers and affiliates is a usual part of modern company business. A prepaid cards solution is a convenient instrument to make payments for services rendered or clients solicited.

Micro loans

Credit is not only given by banks, but also by newcomer financial institutions providing loans and microloans. A prepaid card is a convenient solution for credit accommodation. Cardholders can spend money for purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs. 


Prepaid cards are an ideal tool for businesses to organize corporate expenditures. The card will provide employees with instant access to funds for corporate spending and ease a procedure of expense reports

If you are an employer that needs to pay salary to employees who do not have bank accounts or a company providing services to your clients all over the world, then you need a means of payout adjusted to your requirements.

B2BCARD is providing a solution with a prepaid card as its core and a system allowing to incorporate a card product into your business model. The solution includes easy on-boarding procedure, Card Portal to manage card portfolio, API for convenient interaction with B2BCARD, cardholder KYC procedure on B2BCARD side and a support service.